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Chase Griffin Interview at Innovate 24

With UC Irvine Merage School of Business Professor Tonya Bradford.

Innovate24 (The Black Innovation Summit) explores the realms of arts and entertainment through the lens of cutting-edge technology. We understand that the way we perceive and savor entertainment is being transformed through the power of technology. As we navigate this dynamic landscape, we seek to explore the profound impact technology has on both the business and artistry within the sector. We eagerly anticipate engaging with a diverse array of industry participants to explore the exciting possibilities unfolding today and to discover the potential innovations on the horizon. We look forward to you joining this conversation as we collectively shape the future at the intersection of creativity and technology!

The Athlete's Bureau
The Athlete's Bureau Podcast
Chase Griffin Presents The Athlete's Bureau, a values-driven business newsletter for college athletes and those that care about them. The TAB Podcasts consists of interviews with the athletes, advocates, brands, and other leaders shaping the future of college sports.