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Meet Athlete & Creator Josh Moore (Florida Atlantic/UCLA Football)

Moore holds nearly 500k combined social followers (258K on IG, 217k on TikTok) and brand deals with Urban Outfitters, DoorDash, and M&Ms.

Meet Josh Moore from Florida Atlantic University Football. Josh and Chase were teammates when he started his career at UCLA, where he was on the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. In high school, Josh won a state championship at Marist High School in Georgia. We wanted to have Josh on the podcast because he makes hilarious videos about football on his Instagram and has a monster following with over 500,000+ social media followers. Josh’s knowledge can help athletes learn about content creation and growing your social platform.

The Athlete's Bureau
The Athlete's Bureau Podcast
Chase Griffin Presents The Athlete's Bureau, a values-driven business newsletter for college athletes and those that care about them. The TAB Podcasts consists of interviews with the athletes, advocates, brands, and other leaders shaping the future of college sports.