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Meet Sam Phillips (Nebraska Men's Gymnastics)

Brands worked with: Clear Cover Car Insurance, Adobe, Movember Campaign, Steve Madden,Adidas, Wish, Finalist or NIL Summit Male Athlete of the Year, and more.

University of Nebraska (Gymnastics) - Samuel Phillips (Philly)

Hello everyone, welcome to the Athlete’s Bureau Podcast where we help college athletes get smarter and get paid. Today, I am pleased to introduce to you Samuel Phillips. Today we are going to refer to him as Philly. And yeah, he is already a 2x regular season All-American, 2022 Big Ten First Team Bronze Medalist, has nine career titles, 2x team captain, 2x NCAA finals team competitor, and 2x CGA All-American Scholar Athlete. Now, is there any other things that you want to throw in there?

“Well this season… it might not be on the roster. This season I All-American(ed) at NCAA Championships this past April All Around and High Bar.”

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