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Solving athlete payment challenges with Han Park, the Founder & CEO of Payment Labs

TAB podcast explains how to better help college athletes get paid.

In this episode we hear from payments pioneer, Han Park, the founder and CEO of Payment Labs - the de facto solution for payouts in the gaming and eSports industry.  Recently, Han was the President of Turtle Entertainment America, a subsidiary of ESL Gaming – the largest eSports company in the world having sold for over $1 billion in 2022. Here at The Athletes Bureau, we focus on helping college athletes get paid. Since Payment Labs is a sponsor of the newsletter, I thought it would be helpful to have Han on so we can help athletes better understand how NIL payment processing currently works and how it can be improved for the benefit of college athletes everywhere.

The Athlete's Bureau
The Athlete's Bureau Podcast
Chase Griffin Presents The Athlete's Bureau, a values-driven business newsletter for college athletes and those that care about them. The TAB Podcasts consists of interviews with the athletes, advocates, brands, and other leaders shaping the future of college sports.