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As a current college football athlete and an active participant in the NIL marketplace, I have tried my best to educate myself and others on the complex issues surrounding college athletics and how they affect college athletes. You can learn more about my background HERE.

It is an exciting time in college athletics, but independent and informed college athlete voices have been sorely missing from the conversation. I have decided to enlist the talents of the country’s top, award-winning student journalists and industry-leading Gen Z pollsters to launch The Athlete’s Bureau. We will share what we learn in a public forum to amplify college athletes’ voices in the marketplace of ideas and help shape the future of college athletics in ways that preserve enriching opportunities for college athletes for generations to come.

Finally, we do not have a FIXED mindset focused on merely getting a fair share of the existing pie, but firmly believe in a GROWTH mindset that empowers college athletes to help GROW the pie for themselves, their universities, and ALL college sports stakeholders.

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- Chase Griffin

What is The Athlete’s Bureau?

The Athlete’s Bureau is a values-driven business newsletter for college athletes and those that care about them.

What We Believe

  • There has never been a better time to be a college athlete.

  • College athletes have a right to the full measure of economic freedom enjoyed by every other college student and American.

  • College athletes are some of the most driven, hard-working, thoughtful, and charitable members of every college campus community and are future leaders in every field of human endeavor.

  • College athletes are proven value creators for schools, families,  TV networks, and, now through NIL, for brands. 

  • Competition is good: On the field, between schools, conferences, states, brands, and in the marketplace of ideas.

  • Unlike most coaches and administrators, athletes will be affiliated with our schools for a lifetime, so we believe athletes should have a leading role in shaping the present and future of athletics.

  • A more fair, transparent, and accountable ecosystem will usher in a new Golden Era of sustainable prosperity for college athletics for generations to come.

  • Empowered college athletes are the gateway to the entrepreneurial ecosystems on college campuses that can sustain athletics departments and colleges for generations to come.

  • We believe we are on the right side of history and will win in our effort to build a more equitable future for college athletes.

  • We believe we need allies on this mission; fellow students, fair-minded coaches, athletic directors, conference commissioners, alumni, donors, Board of Trustees, campus leadership, faculty,  lawyers, policy-makers, brands, journalists, media companies, and fans all have a role to play.

What We Offer 

For the most part, The Athlete’s Bureau will continue to evolve over time and will be operationally defined, but from the outset we will endeavor to:

  • Learn about and share ways that college athletes can maximize NIL in their pursuit of the American Dream.

  • Provide opinions, reporting, data, and insights that elevate and empower college athletes.

  • Be a home for award-winning student (and recent grad) journalists who want to hone their craft and make a real impact. If you would like to write for us please fill out our writer interest form HERE.

  • Remind our schools of their academic missions and societal obligations. 

  • Inject accountability and transparency into college athletics.

  • Offer a platform to other like-minded contributors and stakeholders.  

  • Leverage audio, photo, video, polling, and data to clearly communicate the athlete’s point of view.

  • Be a platform that fosters debate and disagrees, respectfully, when the occasion arises.

Why Subscribe?

Every Subscription to The Athlete’s Bureau allows us to:

  • Bring on more writers to inform and help more college athletes maximize their -present and future- opportunities.

  • Provide you with authentic athlete POVs on all of the people, places, and events that shape college athletics.

  • Support our ability to conduct college athlete polling and market research to get authentic athlete POVs into the marketplace of ideas.

  • Grant access to actionable and proven NIL strategies and tactics that you can use and share with other college athletes.

  • Deliver a deeper understanding of the factors and forces that shape the games that millions of fans enjoy.

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And Paid Subscriptions?

We were very intentional in making this a business platform. Athletes create billions of dollars in value every year and we  intend to inform, empower, and advocate for athletes so they get their fair share of it, while helping them maximize the economic opportunities that already exist.

That being said, this is a self-funded student venture that relies on readers and sponsors to sustain itself.

  • For athletes you will get access to proven tips on NIL, career, and the business of college sports that will make you money (short and long-term).

  • For those that care about athletes, our content will make your job of supporting athletes more efficient and impactful.

  • We will keep a lot of content free without a paywall. Some content will be reserved for those with paid subscriptions. We are not sure yet what that balance will be, but the more readers we have will make those decisions much easier.

I hope you try us out. Read, share, and consider supporting us with a paid subscription!

Let’s get it! 

Chase Griffin


Chase Griffin

Athlete, Entrepreneur, Creator.  California born and Texas raised. UCLA QB, Two-Time NIL Athlete of the Year.

Chase is working on his third-degree at UCLA after completing his undergrad in two years, BA’21 (Public Affairs); M.Ed’23 Transformative Coaching & Leadership), and is currently attending UCLA Law’s Master of Legal Studies Program (Entertainment, Media, and Sports Law). #BE11EVE #NILforGood 

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A values-driven business newsletter for college athletes & those that care about them. Home to award-winning student journalists & market leading Gen Z pollsters. Published by Chase Griffin (UCLA QB, 2X NIL Athlete of Year).


A values-driven business newsletter for college athletes and those that care about them. Publisher, Chase Griffin is an athlete, entrepreneur, creator. CA born & TX raised. UCLA QB, Two-Time NIL Athlete of the Year. #BE11EVE #NILforGood
Publisher of The Athlete's Bureau, a values-driven business newsletter for college athletes & those that care about them. UCLA Football QB & 2x NIL Athlete of the Year.
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